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Hannam University's startup support success strategy introduced to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and developing countries

작성일 2023-11-30 15:37

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The Daejeon International Development Cooperation Center, affiliated with Hannam University (Director Yoon Tae-yong), hosted a seminar for Asian Development Bank (ADB) officials and civil servants from developing countries, introducing Hannam University's successful strategies and models for startup support.The seminar, held at Hannam University's Makerspace and Daedeok Valley Campus on the 8th, was attended by about 70 participants from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Pakistan. They shared Hannam University's strategies, infrastructure, and success experiences in startup support.

Member countries of the Asian Development Bank are keen to learn from the examples of advanced countries, including Korea. Consequently, they have established various partnerships with government agencies, universities, incubators, and IT companies from advanced countries and organized this international workshop and 'Technology Entrepreneurship Support Program' for investment discussions.

As part of the ADB's 'Technology Entrepreneurship Support Program,' Hannam University introduced a startup support strategy and model centered around universities in the region, disseminating successful cases of creating a technology entrepreneurship environment and support projects. The program included an introduction to regional startup programs and specific presentations of Hannam University's successful cases in startup support, including its Design Factory. Additionally, there was a tour of the Design Factory and startup companies (Paint Farm) within the Daedeok Valley Campus.
Following the visit, business managers from Central Asia, including Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, have planned to make an additional visit to Hannam University early next year for program exchanges.

Kwang-Sup Lee, President of Hannam University, said, "Hannam University, with the active support of the government, is focusing on strengthening the local startup ecosystem using our excellent startup infrastructure and a solid collaboration network within the region. We hope to establish a stable cooperative relationship with the Asian Development Bank and other Asia-Pacific economic institutions, sharing quality startup support programs and outstanding achievements, and further solidifying our technology entrepreneurship infrastructure."