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Engineering is the discipline, art, and the profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific, and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or invention. The College of Engineering at Hannam University provides the 21st century’s technologies and aims to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges. We are implementing modern technology to assist our students in becoming creative leaders and global players in this scientifically advancing world. To meet the needs of our local community, we have enhanced our curriculum and renovated classrooms and laboratories to provide a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities for advanced study and research. Students can further their academic and technological capabilities through graduate courses. A variety of programs in cooperation with governmental and industrial organizations and research institutes are offered to help students improve their research and problem-solving skills.

Department of Computer Communications unmanned technology (established in 2015 through the merger of the Computer Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, and Photonics/Sensors majors)

This department has the goal of training students in the top skills in integrated defense technology with an interdisciplinary program combining the convergence technology and practical skill focus of Computer Communications/Unmanned Technology with the policy focus of Information and Communication Engineering. A modular curriculum approach allows for demand-centered elective study and focused education through in-depth programs.

Department of Electronic Engineering

We teach the basic and core technologies in the area of electronics, which will help students lead in this highly industrialized society. We have established engineering education accreditation curricula since 2006 and educate field-oriented professionals required by large businesses such as KT Corporation, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, research institutes, IT-related venture businesses, etc.

Department of Multimedia

Aiming at educating pivotal talented students who will be in charge of the future of the multimedia industry, a state-of- the-art field, we train experts in the areas of multimedia titles, broadcasting, movies, advertisements, images, games, web and electronic publishing. We educate creative experts in media image production required by the age of digital images. Graduates distinguish themselves as producers, writers, special image editors and camera reporters in broadcasting and interactive media images.

Department of Architecture (5-year system)

We bring up architects equipped with creative thinking skills about spaces and modeling, project planning abilities, and wide-range of expertise in the entire architecture. After acquiring an internationally recognized license in architecture, graduates will work in architectural design offices or construction research institutes.

Department of Architectural & Civil Engineering

We train engineering experts in the areas of various kinds of social infra structures such as roads, ports, and dams aimed to preserve the environment and prevent natural disasters. Graduates work as staff members in state-owned corporations such as Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea National Housing Corporation, and Korea Land Corporation as well as construction companies, design companies, inspection companies, construction-related public officials, and researchers.

Department of Industrial and Management Engineering

Industrial and management engineering is the study of systematically analyzing, designing, managing, and operating integrated systems such as humans/information/facilities, etc. using scientific techniques, to improve productivity and efficiency, in line with the business environments that are ultramodern and information-oriented. By providing various methodologies commonly applied to system analyses, design, and methodologies to integrate individual systems, we educate experts equipped with a decision-making ability applied to production, information, and human computer systems.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The machine industry is one of our nation's basic industries and it is developing into a high technology-intensive, cutting-edge, industrial area by fusing with such traditional fields as manufacturing and assembling as well as other engineering technology areas such as electricity and electronics, information communication, nano-technologies life/medical engineering, etc. Design and production stages for making products in all industrial areas will only be helped by mechanical engineering; thus, mechanical engineering is unchangeably an essential scientific area even in future industries in the 21st century. Since the establishment of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1997, we have aimed at educating active and creative technical experts equipped with right personality and excellent designing ability through the educational slogan of 'A Whole Change, an Engine of the Future.'