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The Korean Studies Summer Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity that has erased all of my preconceived ideas of Korea and has transformed them into an appreciation of the diverse culture and amazing people of South Korea.

Shannon Melchoir, Lynchburg College, USA


Korea had always seemed like just a dream to me. I thought it was a place I can only pine for and not a place that I could actually go to. Now I know that I was wrong. I have learned so much and discovered so much in coming to Korea. I have met people and seen things that I had not even imagined existed. The Hannam University Korean Summer Studies Program has changed my life. The KSSP has only given me a taste of Korea and has successfully left me desperate for more. The program is a wonderful experience that I could recommend to anyone. Korea will change anyone’s life if they only give it the chance.

Amanda Shirk, Western Carolina University - USA


On taking part in the Teaching Practicum, “I thought it would be an amazing experience. Deciding what to teach the students was a daunting experience. Having never been inside a Korean schoolroom before, we had no idea what it would be like, how well the students already spoke English or how we would be received. The opportunity to speak to a native English speaker was not to be missed. They made this clear by taking every possible chance to speak and interact with us. We can all now understand how students from non-English-speaking backgrounds can be challenged when they are part of our future classrooms.”

Nikita Mulder - Charles Stuart University - Australia


“My time in Korea has given me countless experiences and abundant information to ponder and learn from.”

Prof. Richard C. Burke - Lynchburg College - USA


“Hannam KSSP was not what I expected - it was far more than I expected. The people, the food, the culture and memories will remain with me forever!”

Emma Anderson - Charles Stuart University - Australia


“I feel I have been fully absorbed in the Korean culture and being here has opened my eyes as well as wanting to extend my education even further than my original goals. Being an environmentalist this program has provided me an excellent opportunity to observe global economic issues, while immersing myself in the rich and diverse Korean culture. The Korean Studies Summer Program has given me the opportunity to accomplish all of this.”

Michelle Fignar - Green Mountain College - USA


“What a wonderful three weeks we have experienced at Hannam University! We have been totally immersed in the Korean culture. The Korean Studies Summer Program offers a very full and compact program, not only have we learnt about the DMZ, Korean culture, language, people, costumes, music, educational system, and architecture, but we have also been able to experience firsthand what all these things actually mean to Korean people and to ourselves.”

Sharon Milsome - Charles Sturt University - Austrailia


I didn’t have any preconceptions because I never really thought about Korea very much. And when I knew I was coming, I didn’t really expect it to be anything much in comparison with the United States, if you know what I mean. I kind of expected to be the city mouse, you know? But the quality of life here is great, even better than the United States sometimes, and the technology everywhere is incredible. I was so blown away by it all that I actually ended up feeling like the country mouse a lot. It’s an easy transition from America, or it was to me anyway. There’s absolutely nothing you have to go without. It’s a fantastic place to do a foreign exchange.

Abby Auman, Appalachian State University - USA


My favorite lecture was the Korean Economy by Simon Park. Though he lectured for over 2 hours, he was extremely funny and interesting, and he provided some very interesting information to us.

Dusan Vuksanovic, Green Mountain College - USA


I enjoyed all of the field trips very much. The fondest one was probably the trip to Insadong and the B-boy concert, and the mountain hike! It was just an interesting experience; from experiencing the culture difference, along with the talent that South Korea has to offer.

Ray Swanson, Western Carolina University - USA


I am astounded by the amount of work and long hours the CIR put into the KSSP and I want to humbly thank them for giving me such an awesome experience. I can’t wait to tell my friends, family, and colleagues about how amazing Korea and Hannam is. I have been both pleased and honored to be part of this great program and warmly extend my best wishes to everyone in the CIR. Taedani Kamsahamnida!

Noah Pappano, Green Mountain College - USA


I would like to tell the CIR thank you first and foremost. This was my first experience out of the country, and I feel that it has been life changing. When I teach children about cultures I will do so in a different way than I have before. Coming here has helped me to learn about more than a different culture. It has taught me new ways to communicate, make friends, and accommodate living in a new culture. I will forever be grateful for this program.

Tracy Wright, Western California University - USA


I really enjoyed everything that we were exposed to and what we experienced! I think this program was coordinated thoughtfully and with great expectations; thus, giving us students an amazing time here in S. Korea! At the second Hannam campus, I was really interested about the science and research that the students and professors are working on. It would be nice to see some of the laboratories or learn more about the research and technology if we had more time. I enjoyed all the programs!

See Vang, Western Carolina University - USA