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Hannam University (HNU) is considered one of the most exciting universities at which to study due to its faculty, the beauty of its campus, its friendly Christian atmosphere, and active students. Additionally, HNU is continuing to grow in both students and classroom space as additional construction will soon take place to provide new buildings with the latest in educational technology for our students. HNU was founded in 1956 by American Southern Presbyterian missionaries and rapidly established an international reputation for the quality of its research for innovative and effective styles of teaching. Hannam has attracted students from all over the world. Hannam was founded as a Christian university, and it has never faltered in maintaining its Christian roots as it has a uniquely Christian atmosphere that places emphasis on commitment.

HNU offers a comprehensive array of disciplines in the baccalaureate and post baccalaureate degrees which equips students with the skills needed to achieve their dreams. Additionally, HNU is the home of the Linton Global College, a branch of the university in which all classes are taught only in English; it is the first program of its kind in Korea.   


HNU is striving to cultivate students that are well rounded and well prepared for the future as they find their place in the global community. HNU is affiliated with over 234 distinguished academic institutions in 46 countries. A large number of students from around the globe attend Hannam in order to receive a degree or language training.

Why else would you want to come to Hannam? The hustle and bustle of Seoul is a great thing to experience, however, because Hannam is located in Daejeon, which is in the heart of South Korea, any part of South Korea can be reached in a very short time. Also, Hannam is located in Daejeon, which is famous for its historically quiet and friendly people; which means a safe and quiet educational environment. Hannam also offers a beautiful green campus that provides a clean and relaxing atmosphere to study in.

HNU proudly offers its Korean Summer Studies Program from students around the world so that they can benefit from experiencing a unique and cultural environment. The KSSP has been designed to engage students and to empower them to learn more about Korea. This is done by combining lectures from respected experts with out of the class encounters with dynamic Korea. All of this has been designed to create a full experience which allows participants to gain a good grasp of many aspects of Korean culture in a very short time.

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the Korean Summer Studies Program and experience the intellectual challenges and stimulating environment that Korea can provide you with.