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College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts has been the spiritual cradle of Hannam University since its founding in 1956. Based on the humanistic spirit, the college researches and teaches the diversity and impact of humanity's achievements on culture including our own. the college also promotes intellectual enterprise, proper values, liberty, and originality based on the critical and rational insight that is the foundation of the spirit of Christian public service.

Each department nurtures professionals through a practical and progressive curriculum, which includes the attainment of practical English language skills that can satisfy the needs young professionals in the current international and information age and fosters individuals with understanding in the latest information technology and the application ability. the College of Liberal Arts provides the latest scientific and educational facilities that include language laboratories, audiovisual rooms, and cutting-edge computer facilities. Students in the College of Liberal Arts are nurtured and challenged through various enriching educational activities that include unique seminars, cultural activities, autonomous student activities, and hands-on fieldworkthat give themunique historical, national, and international insights and practical training. the College of Liberal Arts produces graduates with creativity, emotional sensitivity, practical skills, and competency to lead in the 21st century.​

Department of Korean Language and Literature/Literary Creative Writing​

We provide students with theoretical and practical bases to conduct creative language activities through education and studies based on proper utilization of the Korean language and understanding of Korean literature. We educate scholars, Korean language teachers, literary experts, critics, journalists, and experts in the areas of publication and editing. We provide students with practical experience in literature obtained through creations, appreciations, criticisms and analyses of works. We educate creative experts such as literary men, critics, dramatists, scenario and composition writers, writing/discourse/reading guiders, journalists, experts in publication fields such as planning/editing/proofreading, copywriters, etc.

Department of Library and Information Science

Through education of theories and skills of effective information distribution and management of information organizations as well as processing and treatment of information based on the newest computer and communication technologies, we educate experts in the areas of business information centers, government, and public/private libraries and data rooms, Internet contents development and web DB establishment, etc.


Department of English Language and Literature​
We conduct in-depth studies of English and American literature and offer programs to enhance practical English ability suitable for the age of internationalization. Many graduates advance into diverse areas such as the educational world, research institutes, government agencies, various businesses including trading companies, banks, media organizations, foreign businesses, etc.

Department of Applied English Contents(2023)

Through various English education and culture-related courses offered in the Applied English Content Department's curriculum, students who have been trained can pursue various career paths related to English education. Specifically, they can become English textbook publishers, English teachers in kindergartens and childcare centers, English teachers and directors in English language institutes, founders of English study rooms, English content developers, English education broadcasters, cultural tour guides in travel agencies, and other diverse professions as English and content specialists. Additionally, they can continue their studies in English education and content development through graduate programs at domestic and international universities.​ 

Division of Foreign Language and Literature

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

By having students objectively and widely study overall Japanese culture based on Japanese language and literature, we educate experts in Japan that go on to professions such as university professors, middle school Japanese teachers, trading company staff, foreign business staff, overseas government agency staff, public officials, journalists, publishing/editing staff, tourism interpreters, etc.

Department of French Language and Literature

We educate experts in France through one on one customized course guidance based on a wide understanding of French literature, language, regional studies, society and culture. More than 1,000 alumni/alumnae have distinguished themselves in European Union related businesses and those areas such as culture and art planning, management, trading, tourism interpretation, hotel management, convention planning, and the press and publishing.

Department of History

By having students study in-depth Korean history, Eastern history and Western history by age/area, we educate experts equipped with comprehensive knowledge of history. Many graduates work in the history-related circle as teachers or researchers, literary exhibitors of public/private museums, researchers in culture centers or national cultural asset managers, etc.

Department of Christian Studies

By cultivating the theology and spirit of Christianity which retains universal cultural heritage as a world religion, we bring up Christian leaders equipped with a Christian personality of sacrifice and service, who contribute to development of theology both domestic and abroad. Graduates work in diverse areas such as theologians, pastors, religion teachers, the press, publishing, broadcasting, social welfare, etc.