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The College of Education at Hannam University aims to develop the understanding and competency required by practicing teachers for the effective teaching-learning process at the secondary stage. The program also provides opportunities for sharing experiences gained by practicing teachers. It enables in-service teachers to select and organize learning experiences according to the requirements of learners. In addition, it develops knowledge and understanding of essential areas required by teachers in the emerging socio-cultural, political and technological context in general, and the educational system in particular. Moreover it aims to develop professionalism and creativity among students who wish to become teachers at different levels. It offers innovative education programs based on Christian principles. To that end, in addition to course studies, we organize and run teacher-training courses in 35 departments to bring up secondary school teachers.

Department of Korean Education

Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. To study and hand down the Korean ethnicity’s unique traditional language, letters, and literature, students systematically learn our language ranging from medieval to modern language. We divide Korean literature studies into classical literature and modern literature and subdivide them into poetry and novels in order for students to study them by genre, the history of literature, and methodologies so that they can learn the essence of national literature. Based on that, we teach methodology in using secondary school Korean language textbooks as well as conduct field practices necessary to lead their future pupils.

Department of English Education

Aiming at training excellent English teachers and experts equipped with a right view of human beings along with language ability, we offer a variety of courses so that students can be comprehensively equipped with professional 'theories and practices' for English education. To improve their practical English ability, native-speaking professors teach English conversation and composition. In addition, diverse English courses are offered including current English, English speech, and English reading guidance, etc. Other courses, such as English Grammar, English Phonetics, Syntax, Introduction to Linguistics, History of the English Language, English Phonology, and Social Linguistics, etc. are also provided to improve their understanding of English. For cultural studies, classes related to English and American poetry, English and American novels, English and American dramas, etc. are offered as well.

Department of Education

We train educators equipped with abilities for school education, subject education, juvenile life guidance and counseling. To that end, we offer subjects such as theory of curriculum, educational administration, educational philosophy, theory of life-long education, educational psychology and counseling psychology, etc. We enhance our educational environment by prompting students to use the group counseling and lesson behavior analysis. We also hold discussion sessions with invited first-line teachers for students preparing for the state-certification examination; provide various data on/off-line and support counseling study groups in preparation for becoming counseling experts. Graduates serve as educators, ethics teachers, counseling experts, education research institute staff, educational administrative agency staff or social education experts, etc.

Department of History Education

We lead students to be knowledgeable in Korean, Eastern, and Western history, as well as a good sense of history. We cultivate students' ability to analyze historical materials and explore historic relics through field work and surveys. Based on these activities, we educate history teachers and experts who can systematically teach and research history. Additionally, students are encouraged to faithfully complete the subjects offered in this department so that they can competently prepare for the state-certification examination.

Department of Art Education

We aim at educating creative art educators equipped with both theoretical and practical abilities in all areas of art. Curricula offered includes practical skill-building subjects such as Korean painting, western painting, carving and modeling, print and design as well as theoretical subjects to create a wide understanding of the arts such as Korean art history, Eastern/Western art history, modern art history, the theory of the formative arts and the theory of art education, etc. Many graduates have advanced as art educators and art teachers. They also work as artists, designers, art administrators, gallery managers, art critics, and researchers in art research institutes.

Department of Mathematics Education

We train students to have an understanding of basic concepts and theoretical systems of modern mathematics, logical thinking ability, and rational reasoning ability. We educate capable secondary school teachers, professors, and researchers, equipped with a creative, harmonious personality, and a broad worldview, who can contribute to the development of information science technologies and basic sciences.