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Volunteer Work

Through this activity, participants will be able to meet and help under privileged families. This is done through community activities aimed and helping the burdens of some that are disadvantaged. This activity gives participants a unique view at part of modern Korean life that is experienced by some. It is our hope that by sharing experiences with this part of Korean society, we may share the burdens of their hard lives. It is the only opportunity where you can give a hand where it most counts and see the smiles on the faces those you help. We hope that as you experience this you may find a deeper understanding of your own life and in the lives of the under privileged families with which you will work.

Mountain Climbing

Kyeryong Mountain is a lovely place to get away from the city and to see the unique and natural beauty of South Korea. Its name translates as Chicken Dragon Mountain and it is given that name because its main ridge looks like a curled dragon and the ridges at the top look like the crown on a rooster. It is also traditionally considered to be a mountain with great spiritual energy. Many of the participants rank this as one of their favorite experiences while taking part in the KSSP. It is also an activity that takes place early on and it gives all the participants a chance to bond and learn more about each other. Once reaching the top of the mountain participants can visit the famous temple on top of the mountain.

Amusement Park

Everland opened in 1976 and it’s ranked as the 10th most visited theme park in the world by offering five main festivals and exciting entertainment for visitors all year round.Everland is divided into 5 distinct zones; GlobalFair-an area with restaurants and shops, Zoo-Topia-a zoo area that includes a petting zoo and a chance to go on a safari to see the rare Ligers, European Adventure-An with European Architecture and many rides, Magic Land-An area with many rides and a wonderful Ferris Wheel, and American Adventure-An area that focus on many themes from the US including a 1950’s rock n’ roll area. Additional it is the home of T-Express, South Korea’s highest, fastest, longest, and steepest roller coaster. It is the world’s steepest roller coaster at roughly 77 degrees and it takes three minutes to ride.

Experience Korean Modern Culture:

Perhaps ancient Korean culture isn’t what excites you but modern Korea has so much to see and do. First there is the noraebang or the slight and uniquely Korean twist on the Japanese Karaoke experience. If you’ve been singing too loudly maybe it is time to sweat it up and wash up at a jjimjilbang in order to relax. Modern Korea has so much to see and offer.

*The following is a list of possible activities that are available. These activities may change on a year by year basis.