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The College of Art and Design was established with two goals in mind: to create proud students with both an excellent arts education and with effective career preparation, and the college has assiduously adhered to these goals since its founding. Programs of study include the visual arts, Korean painting, sculpture, industrial arts and design. The goal of the college is to nurture and cultivate the unique qualities of each student through an interesting curriculum in an inspiring environment under the leadership of involved professors.
Under the auspices of the Department of Design and the Department of Fine Arts, the College of Arts and Design offer a diversity of specialty courses such as Korean painting/western painting, industrial arts, design, etc. The specialty courses are designed to provide students understanding of the basic theories of the overall formative arts and highly technical civilization, as well as to develop their minds critically. They also aim to educate students who are capable of combining both creativity and practicability in order to instigate new formative art cultures. The Department of Design, the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Art and Culture were established in 1979, 1985 and 2007, respectively. The College of Arts and Design has produced a number of graduates that are at the forefront in regional art culture and contributing to the development of Korean arts. We are now moving towards to positioning ourselves to become one of the most prestigious art colleges in the world.

Department of Fine Art

The courses taught at the Department of Fine Art aim to further develop the expressive power and the ability to take initiatives already possessed by the students. Graduates actively advance into industries that include public relations personnel, broadcasting/movie art teams, animation, interior, advertising companies, curators etc.

Division of Convergence Design and Art

Along with education in art theories such as aesthetics, criticism, art history, and design history, we offer diverse practical subjects such as exhibitions in art galleries, art planning/management, cultural industries, theory of art policies, development of cultural goods, and so forth. Also, we cultivate practical work ability to create formative arts such as Korean painting, western painting, industrial art, and design lessons as well as in giving study presentations. We train culture and art related public officials and experts in the areas of culture planning and management, culture content, development of businesses, culture, art criticism, art gallery curators, tourism product development, operations planning, etc.

Department of Fashion Design

We educate experts equipped with practical skills and theories in the area of fashion. Especially, we run integrated curricula for the globalization of Korean fashion designs. Many graduates work as fashion designers, stylists, coordinators, textile designers, dress and ornament researchers, purchasers in fashion distributing businesses, reporters in fashion magazines, etc.



Department of Media and Visual Communications 
In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the convergence of humanities, technology, and art based on digital transformation is accelerating and the scope of convergence is expanding widely into human daily life beyond foundational technologies. As this convergence environment strives to realize better human values, the advanced new media content industry that plans and expresses various media for communicating information is developing. In response to the global media environment's changes, the Department of Media and Film Studies at Hannam University aims to cultivate media content professionals with planning, creative, and production abilities.​