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Department of Social Science

The social sciences are the fields of academic scholarship that explore aspects of human society. The College of Social Sciences was established to prepare select leaders from the elite for careers in modern society. The College curriculum is continually enhanced to conform to the trends of globalization. Students are expected to solve social problems related to politics, public administration, society, economy, and other fields. The College of Social Sciences now encompasses five majors including Public Administration, Politics, Communications and International Studies, Regional Development, Social Welfare, and Child Development and Guidance. The Social Science Research Institute, a department of the College of Social Sciences, conducts various research projects. Moreover, the institute offers computational resources and a separate reading room. The Civil Service Exam Institute is a facility designed to help students prepare for exams in areas such as public administration, foreign affairs, and law. Graduates of this college are prepared to pursue careers in a variety of fields, which may include public offices, private companies, financial firms, public enterprises, broadcasting services, and social welfare organizations.

Department of Public Administration and Police Science (established in 2016 through the merger of the Public Administration and Police Administration majors)

Department of Public Administration

Public administration is an applied social science to efficiently manage the complex and diversified operation of the government and design a balanced development for various parts of the country as a whole. It is a wide-ranging scientific area comprising governmental organizations as well as private ones. Our professors, who have acquired their doctorate degrees in various countries around the world and have abundant experience in practical work, operating those educational programs that actively respond to local governments, and educate experts in diverse areas such as government officials, the National Assembly, government-invested organizations, local assemblies, public corporations, various kinds of businesses, public administration research institutes, the academic world and the financial world.

Department of Police Administration

Police administration is a specialized, applied science, combining police science and the public administration science. We aim to train professional police personnel more professionally and efficiently, using complex and diverse security administrative tasks that work at increasing levels. Therefore, we offer courses on practical areas, surpassing the theoretical limits of existing sciences. We educate professional police personnel in the areas of police science, public administration science, and the normative science. Students advance into not only the areas of public security and administration such as the police, the prosecution, the court and the National Intelligence Service, etc. Additionally, graduates may also work for private security businesses.

Department of Politics, Communication and International Studies

We analyze and research the complex and diversified political phenomena of our time and also cultivate experts proficient in the areas of the press and international relations to implement social justice and lead sound public opinions in society. Many graduates distinguish themselves in diverse areas such as government agencies, the National Assembly, the press, broadcasting, diplomacy, international convention planning/management, etc.

Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate Studies

We conduct a range of studies for an accurate understanding of and practical solutions to a wide variety of problems emerging along with urbanization, such as social economy, housing, land use, traffic, and environmental issues. In particular, we educate experts who can protect, expand, and manage environments and social infra-structures and who can also develop and evaluate real estate in order to support and activate social and economic development of cities and regions responding to the tendencies of globalization, localization and information systems. Graduates actively advance into city planning engineers, appraisers, licensed real estate agents, social survey analyzers, GIS related programmers, consultants for construction companies, etc.

Department of Social Welfare

We aim at educating practical professionals who can promote positive changes in humans and society and contribute to the construction of welfare society based on the understanding of human characters. We teach subjects in all areas of social welfare such as the methods and skills of social welfare, children's welfare, elderly welfare, disabled welfare, women's welfare, medical service businesses, school social works, prison welfare, etc. To widen specialty areas, we support related study groups and study activities by area. Graduates advance into social welfare facilities and medical service institutes, public officials, consultants, therapists, voluntary service coordinators, etc.

Department of Child Development and Guidance

Based on the understanding of the development of children and families, we educate experts in children's welfare, nurturing, infant education and children/juvenile/family counseling. Graduates work as nurturing teachers, kindergarten teachers, juvenile counselors, child counselors, play therapists, social welfare workers, and staff members in child-related businesses.

Division of Law

Department of Law

We teach professional law-related theories as well as the seven basic law subjects including constitution, civil law, and criminal law and have students research what is needed in our society. In addition, we run a national examination support center for students to pass several of the national examinations and provide the students with a wide range of programs such as simulated examinations every month, various multimedia lectures and special lectures by famous guest lecturers, etc.

Department of Judicial Service Law

This department offers the basic legal coursework requirement for the training of legal civil servants (including court, prosecution, and correctional positions) along with a concentrated theoretical and problem-solving education for legal items on the examination for legal civil servants, with a focus on developing the understanding and problem-solving abilities required for that position. Future programs include a separate duty management system under an exclusive faculty advisor for elite exam candidates in various fields, along with various forms of administrative and financial support.