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The Linton Global College’s aim is to educate future experts equipping them with both theoretical and practical knowledge to work in international business. This is a unique college with courses that are conducted solely in English, where students are constantly immersed in an international atmosphere, both in terms of their education and their living style. The entire faculty of Linton Global College consists of English speaking foreigners educated abroad. The College offers two majors: the Department of Global Communication and Culture offers courses in journalism, theories of communication, photography and media utilization etc; while the Department of Global Business offers a wide range of business courses that aim to provide students with a well-rounded education to prepare them for the international business world upon graduation.

The Linton Global College provides a "study-abroad" experience combining English immersion and international culture with high global standards of academic excellence. The Global Communication Arts major is an interdisciplinary program suitable for students who want to become proficient international specialists in culture and business. The main focus is training competent professionals with strong Christian integrity, cosmopolitan minds, and proficiency in foreign languages; all underlying the ability to work with expertise in the global marketplace. All classes will be conducted in English by qualified international faculty.

Department of Global Business

In today's turbulent world, the ability to adapt quickly is paramount. Correspondingly, the Department of Global Business at Linton Global College strives to provide our students with a world class education that equips them with confidence and competence as they enter the business world. This is an immersion program whereby all classes and students' daily life are conducted solely in English. We emphasis the usefulness of various different study-techniques, thus students are expected to carry out projects related to their subjects, as well as to undertake local and overseas internships to broaden their horizons. Graduates mainly advanceinto international trade corporations, NGOs, international finance, and government agencies etc.



Department of Global Media and Culture 
The Global Media and Culture major at the Linton Global School prepares students to adapt to the rapidly evolving media landscape by offering courses in English. Students study cultural content industries such as dramas, movies, music, games, and internet content, as well as public relations, international relations, and international development. Based on solid theoretical foundations, the program not only enhances students' understanding of social phenomena but also their ability to communicate as individuals or groups. By recognizing global cultures and manners, students can prepare themselves with diverse ways of thinking for communication with people from all cultures. They will be prepared to work in the international community by studying with foreign professors who have experienced various academic fields and cultures.