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It is a student’s responsibility to obtain the correct visa at a Korean Embassy or Consular office from their own respective country. Since the duration of the HNU’s summer program is three weeks, a student can enter Korea with a tourist visa (C-3) with which you can stay for three months. You can enter Korea for the summer without a visa if your country has a waiver agreement with Korea.

How to get to HNU

There are many ways to get to Daejeon from Incheon International Airport. The most common and most economic method for getting to Daejeon is by picking up a bus from the airport. However, as of the end of 2010 the KTX or the Korean bullet train has opened a service allowing people to travel from Incheon International airport to anywhere on the KTX line including Daejeon.

* Important note: Those arriving after 10:30pm may wish to stay overnight in Seoul or Incheon as the buses and trains all stop by 10:30pm. However, both the train and the bus terminals open again early in the morning for ease of travel. If you believe you will arrive after 10pm please contact the CIR so that we may help you in acquiring accommodations for the night.

The first method to get to Daejeon is by bus:
  • Bus fare (one-way): 23,100 /25,400 for night bus
  • Where to take: 1st Floor, Bus stop 9D at Incheon International Airport
  • Time required: Approximgtely 3 hours

  • Destination
  • Daejeon Terminal Complex
  • Station Number
  • First floor 9D
  • Station
  • Incheon Int'l Airport, Daeduk Convention Center, Daejeon Government Complex, Daejeon Terminal Complex
  • First Bus
  • 06:00
  • Last Bus
  • 23:30
  • Intervals
  • 10-20 min.
  • Travelling Time
  • 180-200 min.
  • Fees
  • KRW 23,100 (night KRW 25,400)
  • Contract Info.
  • -

* For further informgtion, please check this link: Incheon Airport Bus Routes

From Daejeon Terminal Complex or Railway Station to HNU

1.1.1. HNU is close to the Daejeon Terminal Complex as well as Daejeon Railway Station.

  • From Daejeon Terminal Complex to HNU, if you take a bus (#102, 105, 605, 611) , the fare is only 1500 won and it takes not more than 15 minutes. If you take taxi, the fare is about 3,000 won only and takes less than 15 minutes in normal traffic flow.
  • From Daejeon Railway Station, it is easy to get to HNU as well. By bus (#614, 711, 314) to HNU, the fare is only 1500 won only and takes less than 15 minutes. If you take a taxi from the Daejeon Railway Station, the fare is about 6000 won and takes about 10 minutes in a normal traffic flow.
Travel by KTX:

As of the late winter of 2010, travel between Incheon and the rest of Korea via the KTX has become available. There is a train from Incheon to Seoul Station and from Seoul Station a ticket to Daejeon via the KTX can be purchased. The cost is more expensive than the bus but the travel time is much faster. Once arriving at the airport you will want to find the AREX train from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station. The tickets should be roughly 4,000 won (roughly 4.00 to 4.10 USD) and the train should take about 43-50 minutes to arrive at Seoul Station. These trains will run roughly every thirty minutes. Make sure you purchase a ticket for Seoul Station and not Gimpo Airport (a local airport with in Korea).

Once you arrive at Seoul Station a KTX ticket can be purchased from Seoul Station to Daejeon Station with a ticket price of 23,700 Korean Won for the economy class ticket. A first class ticket may also be purchased for 33,200 Korea Won. Trains typically run at the top of the hour with another train every thirty five to forty minutes during the busiest times. Daejeon is easy to get to as it is on the same line that connects Seoul to Busan so trains are available much more often.

Once you arrive at Daejeon Station please take any of the 614,711,314 bus to HNU. The bus fare is 1500 won (roughly US$ 1.50). Additionally, as stated above a taxi can be hired for more personal travel and this can take roughly 6000 won (roughly 6.00-6.50 USD). Total travel time may vary slightly but roughly one hour and fifty minutes between the two trains and a bus or a taxi.

Airport Pick-up

Students are requested to submit their arrival information with the application form so that the airport pick-up can be arranged without any cost from Incheon International Airport to Hannam University. We need this information in advance for the student’s convenience.


Meal plans are not provided at Hannam University. However, there are several inexpensive cafeterias around the campus. Nearby restaurants and snack shops offer inexpensive and diversified cuisines from traditional Korean fare to Chinese, Japanese and many Western style foods with pizza, fried chicken, and hamburgers are all available. Baskin and Robins is even available for desert. Another nearby cheap desert location makes fresh waffles in different flavors. Also, a wide variety coffee shops are available many of which include deserts or even complete meals. For breakfast some coffee shops sell breakfast food a popular breakfast food in Korea, ‘toast’, or egg sandwiches are very cheap and popular. Convenience stores offer a wide variety of food typically found in supermarkets. Additionally, outdoor vendors may be found selling dumplings, hot dogs, and traditional Korean street foods all of which can be purchased cheaply. So come and enjoy the many different types of food Korea has to offer.

Key Dates
  • Application Deadline
  • May 15
  • Tuition/Housing Payment
  • June 10
  • Housing Open
  • June 18
  • Housing Close
  • July 10

* Students can extend their staying period for one more week if they wish to participate in teaching practicum.
* The above dates are subject to change dependent on each year.

Credit Transfer

Students enrolled in the program will be awarded 3 credits under the title of “Korean Studies and Culture” to transfer back to their home institution. The credits are accredited by the Dean of Academic Affairs under the academic regulations of Hannam University. Students who want transfer HNU’s program credits to their home institution are advised to consult with the appropriate academic authorities at their home institution in advance.

Teaching Practicum

Participants seeking a better understanding of education and education practices are encouraged to take part in the teaching practicum. This program is part of the KSSP and it allows educators and students of education to learn more about the approaches to Education taken in Korea. As part of the program, participants will spend extra time in Korea after the KSSP in which they will take part in teaching practicum at local elementary schools here in Korea. This process will take one extra week from the normal KSSP experience, and it should be applied for separately from the normal KSSP program. If you are interested please ask the Center for International Relations when applying for the KSSP.