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Students from Hannam University's Linton School participate in the Taiwan K-Beauty Expo, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises exporting Korean Wave products

작성일 2023-11-30 14:34

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Hannam University's Linton Global School students participated in the K-Beauty Expo held in Taipei, Taiwan, from the 18th to the 21st, supporting the export activities of companies exporting Korean Wave products. According to Hannam University on the 21st, as part of a business agreement with KINTEX, the Linton School participated in this overseas exhibition in Taiwan, enhancing the global business capabilities of the students, while providing interpretation, translation, and export consultation support for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the exhibition.

About 70 small and medium-sized enterprises producing Korean Wave products participated in the expo. By increasing understanding of these companies and their products, there is also an expectation to enhance the on-site global trade skills of the youth and to connect them with employment opportunities.
Shin-Jeong Kim, a fourth-year student majoring in Global Business, said, "I am happy to contribute to the export activities of Korean Wave export companies. I want to work in a Korean Wave product exporting company after graduation."

Hannam University, in collaboration with not only KINTEX but also Daejeon Techno Park, plans to dispatch about 25 students during the second semester of this year to participate in various expos, including the K-Beauty Expo, the Berlin Consumer Electronics and Multimedia Exhibition, and the Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair. This initiative is part of the government's LINK project and is supported by a scholarship of 10 million won from Lee Jin-Joong, a Hannam University alumnus and a certified public accountant in the United States, to assist students in their local activities.
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