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Regional University Council for Korea (RUCK) Meeting Hosted by Hannam University, 'University Specialization Strategies in Response to Changes in Higher Education Environment'.

작성일 2023-11-30 15:27

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"In a rapidly changing educational environment, what are the specialization strategies of regional private universities?"
The 48th meeting of the Regional University Council for Korea (RUCK) was held at Hannam University over two days, starting from the 19th, with around 200 presidents and officials from 8 private universities nationwide attending. RUCK, formed in 1995 for academic and administrative exchange and to seek efficiency in university operations, comprises major private universities including Hannam University, Catholic Kwandong University, Kyungnam University, Keimyung University, Ajou University, University of Ulsan, Jeonju University, and Honam University.

The meeting, which started at 1:30 PM on the 19th in Seo Ui-Pil Hall of Hannam University's 56th Anniversary Building, set 'University Specialization Strategies in Response to Changes in Higher Education Environment' as the designated topic. Hannam University presented 'Innovative Cases in Convergence Education Curriculum,' while Catholic Kwandong University discussed 'Innovative Cases in Lifelong Education,' Ajou University on 'Globalization Strategies,' and Honam University on 'Specialization Strategies in Humanities and Social Sciences.' These presentations were followed by discussions among the participants.

Additionally, as special topics, 'Innovation Plans for Regional Universities Based on ESC' were discussed. Kyungnam University presented 'RISE System Strategy,' Keimyung University on 'ESC-Based Symbiotic Model Between the Regional Community and University,' University of Ulsan on 'Glocal University 30, a University Integrating Glocalization and Community in Ulsan,' and Jeonju University on 'Sustainable University Innovation with the Region.'
The meeting also included sharing of best practices from the LINC3.0 project and presentations on university innovation support projects.
On the same day, the 8 universities signed a joint agreement to strengthen bonds and practical cooperation systems among member universities.
Kwang-Sup Lee, the president of Hannam University, stated, "The Regional University Council for Korea is playing an exemplary role as a cooperative body among domestic universities. I hope this meeting will be a valuable time to explore specialization strategies for regional universities in response to the changing educational environment."

The 49th meeting is scheduled to be hosted by the University of Ulsan for two days starting from October 17, 2024.