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Hannam University hosts 'United Nations Day' commemorative event on the 24th.

작성일 2023-11-30 15:32

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Hannam University (President Kwang-Sup Lee) held a commemorative event on the 24th for 'United Nations Day' to remember the countries that participated in the Korean War and to commemorate the sacrifices made during the conflict.
The ceremony, held at 1:30 PM at the Hannam University UN Memorial Park, was attended by President Kwang-Sup Lee, former President Hyung-tae Kim, Shin Hee-hyun, the Army's 2nd Operational Command, Choi Chung-kyu, the Mayor of Daedeok District, faculty members, ROTC cadets, and student council officers. The event included a flag-raising ceremony for the participating countries and a tribute to the war veterans.

Notably, international students from participating countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and India, who are studying at Hannam University, were invited to receive gifts and messages of gratitude. Hannam University established the UN Memorial Park in 2009, erecting flag poles for the 16 countries that participated in the Korean War and 5 countries that provided medical support, totaling 21 countries. Additionally, a globe memorial symbolizing peace was installed to honor the noble humanity and universal values of the UN.

President Kwang-Sup Lee said, "It is said that a nation that forgets its history has no future. I express my respect for the noble sacrifices of the countries that fought for peace in our country. I hope that as members of the university pass by the UN Park, they will reflect on historical lessons and learn the spirit of world peace."